Smart Control

1-Software Licenses:

We have all computer programs licenses, operating and
designing systems, accounting and antivirus programs.


2-Vehicle Tracking System (GPS):

We have a developed system for tracking vehicles and their speeds and loads through satellites and sending reports all the time about the vehicle status.


3-Queue Management System:

We offer the best systems and latest advanced devices to manage and organize queues that is used in departments, banks, and companies.


4-Al Shamel Global Accounting And Inventory stock Program:

system is built on a robust and flexible database SQL Server .
– It supports small and large networks simultaneously as it can be connected via the Internet
– The ability to use keyboard to achieve the speed of execution of tasks
– Miscellaneous bonds (journal voucher – exchange bonds – Receipts ).
– The accuracy of control and control of powers of each individual user.
– Integrated system for backup and file protection and maintenance .
– Continuous update and development. Technical support, maintenance and update speed
The possibility of opening an unlimited number of companies’s files with different activities .
The ability to handle more than one file at once .
– Multiple system options can be run simultaneously in each file .
– Automatic migration of bonds and invoices .
– Cost centers & Cost Center Reports .
The ability to open an unlimited numbers of stores with easy handling in invoices reports .
– Integrated solutions for warehouse promlems and thier linkage with accounting . The possibility of following up and processing the inventory differences between actual and computer quantities

– Customer management system and various reports support decision-making for customers .
– Currency management system and exchange rates .
– A robust and powerfull point-of-sale system which is associated with
warehousing and accounting with a multi-choice management.
The installment management system and monitoring of payment dues and dates for customers , and special reports supporting the decision making of installment managment.
The system of crediting and closing of the financial year and the circulation of the final accounts.
– Printing system for adhesive materials .
– Procurement management system .
– Delegate managment and sales reports of delegates .
– Concluding and analytical reports for accountingiwarehousingsales and
procurements and to support correct administrative decisions .
– A distinctive print designer that is useful in generating professional reports and design printing invoices and bonds
– Full contol of materials in price management system .
Adding photos of the items that appear in sales invoices .
– Classification of materials : (ordinary -service -date of validity -serial number -vehicle-article size and area – balance sheet).
– VAT account