Printing Machines

1-Copiers & Printers:

Supplying and maintenance all printers and copiers types
with all sizes, scales, and colors with the best and highest
specifications appropriate with companies requirements,
offices, projects, works, and individuals.


2-Inks &Toner:

Supply all original inks and toner cartridges for up to date
printers and copiers as well as the old ones.


2-Three Dimension Printers:

We offer you the specific and up -to-date printer which
consider a jump in the latest techniques (three -dimensional
printer ) that is used in dental and medical products, gifts,
antique,ornaments, and educational stenographers in addition
to the games, office tools as well as it offer modern technologies
in the field of printing, propaganda and advertising.


2-Barcode & Stickers:

Supply all up to date barcode stickers, readers, and printers
which organize the work of warehouses and companies.