Our Services

Maintenance Contracts for computers printers eternal and external networks cameras electronic systems
We provide our entire agents permanent annual or partial maintenance contracts It contains the maintenance for all computers, printers, eternal and external networks, cameras, electronic systems and all technical devices. Besides updating them with the best available techniques in companies’ sites and projects with the best prices.
Hosting & Designing Electronical site shops applications
We design and host all electronical sites for companies, individuals, electronic stores and linking them with the bank accounts.
We book all international and even national technical bands afford by Saudi Telecom Constitution.
Hosting Emails for companies with unlimited areas and numbers.
Hosting and designing all electronical websites for companies and individuals with the best designs and techniques on national and international servers.
Hosting and designing electronical shops with the best techniques and linking them with banks accounts.
Powerful plans for marketing, declaration and advertising electronic sites and shops and raising up their world standards.
The best insurance and protection ways for sites and shops from electronic hackers and attacks.
Programming and Designing all serviceability and commercial applications that fulfill the need of electronic bazar
Our peculiarity comes from the existence of the best elite from programmers and designers. The speed of transferring information in our sites due to its presence on the modernist servers. The existence of specialists to support our agents and have solutions for all technical defects.